The World's SMOOTHEST Smartphone...

Like and comment for your chance to win a Red Magic 6. The Red Magic 6 is the World's first gaming smartphone to feature a 165Hz display. This video is sponsored by Red Magic -
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  • Awesome RedMagic gaming phone on 165hz display

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  • this will be a big help for my gaming career thanks in advance been watching your videos for a year all i would say that you are a big help to all gamers to find the new units to use that are so wicked sick and hardcore for gaming Kudos Brother.

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  • Complete Beast

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  • @ar_rahulanand would love to get my hands on this lovely phone 😍

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  • Yooo i can haz this? - @jomilography

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  • @bailey_sanai good luck guys.

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  • @chie852 🙏 great smart phone for gaming. Would love to win 🙏 👏 😊

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  • My twitter handle @Shashan96828595

  • Perfect gaming smartphone! @ImJanLerry

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  • Ughhh i just got over the fact I can't get it and this makes me want it moreee

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  • @Rorrojazo Thanks for the opportunity 💕

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  • Who is the real beast ROG Phone 5 or the Nubia Red magic 6?? Hahaha i think red magic 6 is the present beast for now. @Joshuashyy

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  • Hi from India. Big Fan @Aaarvnair4

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  • Can anyone say which shooting game was he playing?

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  • @SubashDevkota20 love from Nepal

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  • Huge fan since Ginger Beard UnboxTherapy! Please pick me :( @janbeasty

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  • Can Anyone tell the name of BGM in this unboxing

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  • @PARIKSHIT0125 . . Thanks for this ❤️

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  • For the first time seeing comments everyone for them selves

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  • @Kenkaaaaaa 🙏

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  • i want it plzzzzz @RazbncSoo

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  • I think this phone is made for apex legends mobile version the game is yet to be released

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  • @bossjeph. I hope I win 👌.

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  • I will never understand phone gaming

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  • @Kishoregkishu

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  • @Kishoregkishu

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  • @Kishoregkishu

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  • @Kishoregkishu

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  • @prasad6662 i hope this time

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  • Perfect for Mobile Gaming!! -@FloresHarud

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  • Best gaming phone🥵 @DaimIftikhar

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  • Smoothest display

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  • The ultimate dream gadget if I were to win this. 🤞🤞🤞 @a.manialung13

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  • A dream gadget if I were to win 🤞🤞🤞 @a.manialung13

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  • wow

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  • i hope i win @user87475

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  • Dude I just passed by the channel again and BRO YOUR OLD METHOD OF UNBOXING IS BACK 😍 now we can actually hear and interact with you in the videos again *Wonderful* 🧡🧡

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  • twitter: @chillaoi

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  • @__ulithemba fingers crossed

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  • I do not have Twitter

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  • BTW it is crazy I have the red magic 5s amazing at gaming but bad camera quality and just 1 level up the red magic 6pro has 8k recording quality this phone is prob my dream phone now 💙

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  • Does it bend Oh by the way dont buy Redmagic You will regret it their customers support is ZERO. Im using Asus Rog 3 but planning to buy a Samsung S20 Ultra. Go for S20 Ultra

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  • Was there any winners?

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  • I am latterly shaking by this competition @Majidnawaz2014

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  • @AssassinRog Thanks Again 😊

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  • @AssassinRog Thank You

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  • Still Using a 2015 model Samsung Galaxy J7, would love to have a new phone. Thanks @AssassinRog

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  • The background music playing was too loud!

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  • Hey, do a 'XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 10 PRO' unboxing and review. ITS THE KILLER PHONE and is taking everything by storm. SERIOUSLY. I would love to listen to your verdict about it.

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  • sick -@invoker110

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  • Those earbuds @Harsh10175099

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  • ReL gaming device @Usman141994

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  • Wow great smartphone , i wish i can afford it, im in love with those specs especially 165hz , even my phone (RedmiNote8) still 60hz🥺, well hope i can be a winner .🤗 @msoul77

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  • When he bored he just pull the new one👍😁 @BandeAditya

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  • @Lygon_Dragon. this phone is dope as hell

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  • This is lit 🔥🔥🔥 @xiamboi

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  • lezgo baabyyyy - @maxmertss

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  • Thank you for the cp...hehehe

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  • I’m going to buy a 6 pro

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