Apple Hermès "Luxury" AirTag Unboxing...

Apple does it again. Behold Apple AirTag Hermès. What a time to be alive.
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  • sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

    Unbox TherapyUnbox Therapy6 päeva tagasi
    • sheeeeeeeeesh

      Trenton BrightTrenton Bright53 minutit tagasi
    • Shawsheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

      **11 tundi tagasi
    • It used to be unbox "therapy" but now it's "promotional" unboxing!

      TheUjjwalaroraTheUjjwalarora14 tundi tagasi
    • Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

      SUPREME GANGSUPREME GANG16 tundi tagasi
    • So sheeeeeeeeeh

      Daniel VargasDaniel Vargas16 tundi tagasi
  • Spend all that money to be used on something you know will get lost…

    riaZz YTriaZz YT39 minutit tagasi
  • And it's going to sell because sheep will be sheep

    patadeursopatadeursoTund tagasi
  • 😂 Hermes 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Pinpon 1776Pinpon 1776Tund tagasi
  • 😂 Hermes 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Pinpon 1776Pinpon 1776Tund tagasi
  • 😂 Hermes 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Pinpon 1776Pinpon 1776Tund tagasi
  • At this stage I think a pack of shit with an apple and an hermes tag will cost 1000$

    Aditya RajwareAditya RajwareTund tagasi
  • im glad this video popped up, what an easy way to remind me to unsubscribe

    Anthony Del RioAnthony Del Rio3 tundi tagasi
  • fuckin lol, man :)

    well donewell done5 tundi tagasi
  • i got a question how would you separate yours normal airtag from others if there is a bunch of them that when the hermes come in thats the thinking behind the collab

    Dhruv BabbarDhruv Babbar8 tundi tagasi
  • this is the compony saving environment every minute 😂 😂

    Dhruv BabbarDhruv Babbar8 tundi tagasi
  • It’s funny how rich people will fork over more than 10x the money just to make sure they won’t be mistaken as poor. And it’s an entire sustainable market. Putting those tax cuts to good use.

    NoLongoNoLongo8 tundi tagasi
  • That picnic basket looks like a great investment, I'm gonna grab one.

    SuperHuman WaveSuperHuman Wave9 tundi tagasi
  • Kitna chat raha hai yeh

    Kalash JainKalash Jain10 tundi tagasi
  • The AirTag package is like chips bags that is 10% full

    UC FITNESSUC FITNESS10 tundi tagasi
  • Is it just me, but there is a whole lot of sarcasm vibes goin on

    Shreyas JoshiShreyas Joshi10 tundi tagasi
  • I mean Hermés Apple isn’t a new collaboration, I hope he knows this haha.

    HarBuggley JamesHarBuggley James10 tundi tagasi
  • What it airtag?? i mean what's it purpose ??sorry I don't know

    Prabina BhattaraiPrabina Bhattarai11 tundi tagasi
  • Some people have more money then sense no way I'd pay 400 bucks for a keychain

    William HatherlyWilliam Hatherly11 tundi tagasi
  • Um where’s the new Tesla broski

    ParkCity HoodiesParkCity Hoodies11 tundi tagasi
  • 8:30 “ This is the same company saving the environment every 5 mins “ :- Lew !!!

    Aaquib AttawalaAaquib Attawala12 tundi tagasi
  • Nice

    Nabil DorbaniNabil Dorbani12 tundi tagasi
  • Who else thought it said hershey😅

    BlazeXBlazeX13 tundi tagasi
  • Congrats on earning another dislike for pushing thus video in the stories. Hate you

    Matthew KeatingMatthew Keating13 tundi tagasi
  • I just got this

    Alex FlacoAlex Flaco14 tundi tagasi
  • So they actually use the Apple Watch Hermès boxes for the air tags.

    William HajarWilliam Hajar14 tundi tagasi
  • This should be the packaging for an apple watch. Not something that's like 5 cms big

    Arshad AbrahamsArshad Abrahams15 tundi tagasi
  • Wai- did you design your room to be Batman’s in the dark night?

    elijah huebschelijah huebsch15 tundi tagasi
  • Haha willydo

    M KM K16 tundi tagasi
  • Hermès Apple Watch

    ViaisLameViaisLame16 tundi tagasi
  • Wow, that packaging is incredibly compact, apple clearly takes care of the environment

    Žygimantas JasiūnasŽygimantas Jasiūnas16 tundi tagasi
  • 11:13 🥺❤️ best part idc what you say that's the cutest part of the video for me please the politeness 😭🥺🥺😂❤️

    Afiya KalekarAfiya Kalekar17 tundi tagasi
  • They claim to reduce plastic waste yet come up with a stupid way of packaging a fkn coin in a long ass box!

    T U G IT U G I18 tundi tagasi
  • I'd buy another AirTag to track my HERMÈS AirTag

    X ArchiveX Archive18 tundi tagasi
  • This just shows how Capitalism is cancer to our society.

    FatCheese 808FatCheese 80818 tundi tagasi
  • Man, u know u crazy? Right?

    什么样子世界什么样子世界19 tundi tagasi
  • Pointless, anyone buying this deserves to be ripped off imo, enjoy your expensive lost property tracker lol

    Connor O'sullivanConnor O'sullivan20 tundi tagasi
  • why praise apple so much, u guys already have money, so why...?

    SadaSada20 tundi tagasi
  • Wheres my manwich woman

    TakuTaku21 tund tagasi
    • Before someone gets rly pissed its a futurama refrence a popular sentence from the jamaican hermes

      TakuTaku21 tund tagasi
  • Hermes be making that with their off cuts

    Muhammad SalejeeMuhammad Salejee21 tund tagasi
  • Good

    Sivam PuviSivam Puvi22 tundi tagasi
  • Looks like a coke head sniffing it😂😂

    Daniel AndersonDaniel Anderson23 tundi tagasi
  • Android fans hit that dislike button like hell 😂

    Roman SuvorovRoman Suvorov23 tundi tagasi
    • More like iSheeps cuz this shit is ridiculous AF

      ZeroDarknezzZeroDarknezz22 tundi tagasi
  • This is one of those over priced things people make fun of because they should

    Kit HorrorKit Horror23 tundi tagasi
  • “Listen people, they’re a lot of money out there” almost gave me Wolf of Wall-street vibes haha

    Jean-Paul Soto-TorradoJean-Paul Soto-Torrado23 tundi tagasi
  • Wow 😯 that £££ I could buy a whole new wardrobe for that price lol

    VickyVicky23 tundi tagasi
  • airtag herpes

    T2X AnythingT2X AnythingPäev tagasi
  • Even a rich persons rubbish is more stylish than yours.

    San ButtarSan ButtarPäev tagasi
  • Hermes underwear $800

    Shaheer wafiShaheer wafiPäev tagasi
  • Lol

    Viliebizo RichaViliebizo RichaPäev tagasi
  • Hermes iPhone 12 Case

    WavoWavoPäev tagasi
  • 😂 the sound effects tho

    JJ MagnificentJJ MagnificentPäev tagasi
  • That is a green screen where you are right

    OscarOscarPäev tagasi
  • - "Even how you gotta pronounce "Hermes" is well established" - Continous to say it wrong throughout the whole video

    Nicht BekanntNicht BekanntPäev tagasi
  • After this video I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the Hermès Apple Watch this fall 😂

    Suki CaraSuki CaraPäev tagasi
  • the AirTag is going to probably be worth more than the thing you are putting it on...

    Bentley WoodsBentley WoodsPäev tagasi
  • Super eco friendly isn’t it?

    JA NPJA NPPäev tagasi
  • Sheeeeeeesh

    White RabbitWhite RabbitPäev tagasi
  • Hermes link, ice Lou Mink

    jason vjason vPäev tagasi
  • how was this video like almost 15 minutes for a keyring hahaha and why did i watch it all hahahaha

    cyberdog1111cyberdog1111Päev tagasi
  • Apple: we are taking stuff out of the box so we can make it smaller and save the planet. Also Apple: *comes out with airtag Hermès box*

    NerdMedleyNerdMedleyPäev tagasi
  • Lord Sheesh 🙏

    Steven C. Owen, Jr.Steven C. Owen, Jr.Päev tagasi
  • You owe me 14:13.

    Sean MontsSean MontsPäev tagasi
  • What about the bent test?

    Awesome BrotherhoodAwesome BrotherhoodPäev tagasi
  • Best episode ever 🤣

    MartinMartinPäev tagasi
  • a completely exclusive beeping sound for a Hermés Airtag would be the cherry on top 🤣

    yeetyeetPäev tagasi

    Rich LuxRich LuxPäev tagasi
    • Hermies

      Hangtime03Hangtime034 tundi tagasi
    • It’s pronounced like that genius

      Wahab AzamWahab AzamPäev tagasi
  • The Hermès Apple Watch it’s actually a better value than this. Weird flex

    Non copyrighted SongsNon copyrighted SongsPäev tagasi
  • 9:05

    Brandon middleBrandon middlePäev tagasi
  • good god, get to it

    Brandon FBrandon FPäev tagasi
  • this episode is sooooo funny~

    LMN EFGLMN EFGPäev tagasi
  • Those guys have no shame, seriously

    Xavier GVXavier GVPäev tagasi
  • 5:51 Unbox therapy ASMR coming soon! :P super soft!

    Mighty JOE XXYMighty JOE XXYPäev tagasi
  • im a huge apple fan boy but this is just just outright silly. how tf is a tag you use to track stuff suddenly associated with luxury

    Alex HAlex HPäev tagasi
  • lmfaooo *random orchestra starts playing* does anyone see my Hermés bag? It has my Hermés engraved Apple AirTag on it

    PandasInMoscowPandasInMoscowPäev tagasi
  • product 29$ smell 320$

    TwomatoesTwomatoesPäev tagasi
  • that's some luxury right there! lol. this unboxing by Unboxtherapy is so entertaining! lol

    Frederic EyaFrederic EyaPäev tagasi
  • anyone remember the uboxings of the macpro wheels or stand? i would love that lew would do that again

    Cornelies BorstCornelies BorstPäev tagasi
  • Urrmezz? 😂😂

    D70D70Päev tagasi
  • Unbox therapy shouldn’t take 5 minutes to start unboxing

    LCTVLCTVPäev tagasi
  • 3:56 that dont beat the price of the Pagani huayra hermes edition and Bugatti chiron hermes too

    Øxygen CODMØxygen CODMPäev tagasi
  • Amazing Airtags. @harshpurohit0

    Harsh PurohitHarsh PurohitPäev tagasi
  • Lew review the picnic basket... We wanna see the picnic basket

    Punit KanaviPunit KanaviPäev tagasi
  • What nice

    Mramra NagarMramra NagarPäev tagasi
  • why does this exist

    KP StadlerKP StadlerPäev tagasi
  • Jonathan Morrisson is gonna make a song out of this. 100% certain because this man got skill and creativity like no other.

    John DoeJohn DoePäev tagasi
  • Can i use it for a troller too lol

    Zoe DaviesZoe DaviesPäev tagasi
  • people wont steal your airtag, they will steal your hermes keychain and throw the airtag somewhere. damn

    HoLDoN4SecHoLDoN4SecPäev tagasi
  • „Some people have it (the money)“, Unbox Therapy 20 mio abos“ 😂

    NitroNitroPäev tagasi
  • Oh yeah, as Apple always say save the Earth by reducing the packaging. Such a hypocrite fucker.

    賜龍怜音賜龍怜音Päev tagasi
  • 8:30 hahahaha environment safe hahahah🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Muhammad KaifMuhammad KaifPäev tagasi
  • Meh 🤷

    -PARADOX--PARADOX-Päev tagasi
  • Just buy 2 AirTags...

    br jo31br jo31Päev tagasi
  • I take it you are insuring the AirTag and the tiny leather casing :) :) :)

    Catherine NyabvureCatherine NyabvurePäev tagasi
  • You get the Hermès Apple tag so you don’t your belongings, but people will just end up stealing your Hermès Apple tag. Lol

    B KB KPäev tagasi
  • Hermes clothing look so Goodwill 🤦 cheap.

    -PARADOX--PARADOX-Päev tagasi
  • Air tag is shit

    Shaikh NaushadShaikh NaushadPäev tagasi
  • It's funny but people who buy this couch probably don't care about the unboxing experience. The normal person equivalent to the experience would be unwrapping a Snickers bar. And what do you do with a Snickers bar packing? You don't think about it further than looking for a trash bin to throw it in. I mean nothing wrong with it, but it's still ironic, to put this much effort for something the target customer won't stop to appreciate

    Tsumichama NyanTsumichama NyanPäev tagasi
  • At that price point... I'll assume the Keychain is made out of a cow's scrotum

    vanerekvanerekPäev tagasi
  • Apple is so overrated

    AkhimAkhimPäev tagasi